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Alter ego of Madlib. High Pitched rapper on spaced out and stoned beats.
That new Quasimoto EP is the shit.
by flashermonkey April 11, 2005
A producer/rapper who makes possibly the best beats in the rap industry. Using mellow jazz samples.
Quasimoto is stoned twunny-fo' yo.
#lord quas #quas #madlib #stones throw #loop digaa
by Mussar' keshuh' October 12, 2005
Sexual act preformed with someone suffering from Kyphosis (Hunchback). Variation of the Quasimoto "Ringing the bell" in which anal beads are yanked out of a hunch back while simultaneously screaming sanctuary.
Chris Quasimoto-ed and "rang the bell" with that Hunch back that he met from the bar last night.
#quasimoto #quasimoto-ed #quasimoto-ing #ringing the bell #hunch backing
by That70sRabbit February 22, 2008
used as an adjective to describe a type of marijuana that looks like your average c+ weed but falls way short on the highe level.
Im still not high after three bong rips man, that there is some wack ass quasimoto!
#qwasimoto #qwazimoto #bunk weed #bomb #crip
by piyox420andreev August 15, 2010
this cool guy that drives around in a white trailblazer with his friend Loli..yeah theyre both fuckin awesome
-Yo, did you see how bangin' Quasimoto was today?
-Fo shizzle my nizzle!
by amy February 26, 2004
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