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Quite possibly the dopest West Coast producer ever (yes, better than Dre). Handpicked by Stones Throw Records owner Peanut Butter Wolf
"...another Madlib invasion..."
by TrebleHead January 20, 2005
The greatest and most original Hip-hop producer alive, bar none.
Madvillan, Quasimoto, Yesterday's New Quintet, Lootpack
by jimmyjohnbillybobjones January 20, 2005
The funnest word game out there. Pretty much made for teaching third graders what nouns, adjectives, adverbs, ect. are. Can be extreamly hilarious when with the right people.
I took the dog to the ________(noun) and he took a ________(adverb)on the floor. The _________(noun) there ________(verb)at me. They ________(adjective)!!!
by amberose June 24, 2005
A super fun game played by coming up with a list of adjectives, nouns, etc. that end up making a hilarious story.
'First, drink a cup of hot (type of liquid) and stretch out on a/an (adjective) bed in a/an (adjective) position.' turns into 'First, drink a cup of hot vodka and stretch out on a leafy bed in a pretty position.'
by xpixie6 April 28, 2005
The absolute best game of all time. Better than Monopoly, Sorry, or any other shitty game you could come up with. Could replace the Old Testament with little to no effort.
The maid spilled a hot cup of (shit) all over my freshly pressed (snake bite). I had to go to work the next day wearing a (hardwood floor)!

Your wife? I don't (dick thrust) your wife.

There are no beds, we have to sleep in (Mortal Kombat III game cartriges) or rickety (son of a bitches).
by James "Stardust" Bond May 06, 2005
A game that is probably most amusing to 10 year olds. A sentence is written out with blank spots, and in each blank spot you get your friends to insert a word that matches the part of speech specified. Unfortunately, when you're of an age that mad libs are funny, you probably don't fully understand the difference between a noun and a verb, an adjective and an adverb. See example.
I sat down on the ___(noun)__ and proceeded to ___(verb)___ . After that I decided to try to ___(verb)__ very ___(adv)__. I always __(verb)__ when the __(noun)__ is __(adj)__. Isn't it great to __(verb)__?


I sat down on the __very__ and proceeded to __book__. After that I decided to try to __run__ very __runningsuit__. I always ___computer__ when the __great__ is __email.__ Isn't it great to __mad libs__?
by bandcampgirl183 September 15, 2005
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