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To question and ponder at the same time. This happnens mainly when you forget your keys at the house, or some sort of valuable item. After quandering your thought, anger usually follows.
Jim: Hey man, dont tell me we are locked out.

Gill: Oh shit, I quander if I left my keys inside... SHIT!
by eyepatchlarry March 21, 2009
formally known as Quander Road School, an alternative school for high school students with emotional disabilities in Alexandria, Virginia
I can't believe they're making me go to Quander.
by Quander Kid March 24, 2009
A state of philosophical questioning and pondering at the same time.
Larry: What are you up to dude?

Gil: I'm in a quander about my finances
by James Larsen March 21, 2009
to question something very thoroughly.
man#1: what are you doing

man#2: im quandering what kind of car that is
by hispanic-loverrrrrrr April 16, 2009
To think, to consider and contemplate.
As I - Micheal Glozier - am a total mingehead, i quander life in the bath. to quote myself, "I was quandering life in the bath, earlier on...init homeboy. slip up second BLATES!!!"
by Micheal Glozier July 11, 2006
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