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(verb) The act of being made to feel some type of way.

This typically happens when a person sees someone else with something they dont have like an expensive car, jewelry, beautiful woman, or other material things and becomes jealous.

Derived from the name of the rapper (Rich Homie Quan) who popularized the phrase "feel some type of way" with his song "Type of Way" which is about all the things he has that make others "feel some type of way" such as cars, jewelry, women, etc.
Person 1: That car that guy is driving has me feeling some type of way.
Person 2: Dude you just got Quand!
by theferrariboy July 11, 2014
A fart from the nipple

When we titty-fucked she quanded

Do you know how to quand?
by Quanda (; July 20, 2010
When you use your penis as a wand and just as you orgasm you shout out a random harry potter spell.
lastnight i used my "quand" to cast the patronus charm all over the bed sheets
by jenko-49 January 19, 2012
fangul a tutti quand
fangul a tutti quand a quest site
by sharon December 31, 2004

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