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A malapropism and favorite expression of Bugs Bunny, after outwitting Elmer Fudd. Usually uttered by Bugs this while walking away and wiping his hands in satisfaction. The joke of course is that Bugs mispronounces "moron."
Bugs: "What a maroon."
by justbrowzing March 30, 2006
Compound of "sparkle" and the Italian suffix "-ino."

A young gay flirt, radiating "look at me," a bit too well-groomed and with one too many trendy accessories.
In a gay bar:

A: "Look at him, he's gorgeous."
B: "Oh, he's just a sparklino."
by justbrowzing March 30, 2006
Rejoinder; a French expression meaning "Just as well."

What it really means: "Well what you say may be true, but that's not how I see it and anyway you're missing the point."

For extra emphasis, you can preface the phrase with "mais" (which means "but").

An upscale putdown.

Considering the reputation of France in the US right now, best used only at cocktails where white wine and brie are served.
A: "He only won the silver in Turin."
B: "Mais quand meme."
by justbrowzing March 30, 2006

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