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Simply the most useless maths topic ever. i dont think ill ever be at the shops, looking to buy $2 of bananas and for some reason need to calculate where the bloody parabola is meant to go on the x and y axis. useless. id rather stick my nuts under
Teacher: Okay guys, time to continue on with your quadratics work from yesterday.
Me: fuck off u old wrinkly cunt.
by wont u take me to funkytown October 29, 2008
the neatest thing in math ever !!!! you see by using quadratics to solve equations, your avoiding the guess and check method!!!! quadratics are set to zero and have two answers!!!!
Next year, on the regents, make sure you use some quadratics in word probelms, so that you can avoid the guess and check method, WHICH IS STINKY!!!!!
by - gillander July 04, 2003
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