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Quadrangle. Quadr- meaning four and -angle meaning angles or sides.

like a square except much cooler.
Children, put down those quadrangular cards and eat your damn broccoli
by Kir December 05, 2004
Quadrangle is an aggressive sexual act whereby the "catcher" is so viciously dominated by the "pitcher", they are forced to walk home in the star-fished position or the quadrangle with arms and legs extended obliquely.
My friends bet me a Vanilla Coke I couldn't quadrangle a self-respecting person but my camera phone provided evidence to the contrary
by magicmikeyd September 12, 2010
A love triangle involving four people instead of three.
1: So I'm in this love triangle, but there's four people instead of three.
2: That's a quadrangle!
by princessinvt November 17, 2011