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4 definitions by Kir

A place for a form of quick sex, usually in public places such as restrooms.
Humphreys concluded that heterosexual men were also using the tearooms for a form of quick sex. (Sociology, "A down-to-earth Approach" p.27, James M. Henslin)
by kir January 18, 2005
noun - a silly, sweet girl who always makes you laugh.
Oh Settie!

That girl is such a Settie.

We ALL love settie.
by Kir May 13, 2004
Quadrangle. Quadr- meaning four and -angle meaning angles or sides.

like a square except much cooler.
Children, put down those quadrangular cards and eat your damn broccoli
by Kir December 05, 2004
Slinky someone who is really gay and who likes man cock
someone who likes slinkys can be a lover to man cock
by Kir March 27, 2005