Descriptive of a person in a negative way. Quade can mean anything as long as it is used as an insult. New form created by Irish Ian to represent the official catchphrase of class of 2008. Takes the place of "tool."
"Dude, you're such a quade!" (fag, idiot, dumbass, nerd, freak, etc.)
by ZM May 14, 2005
Top Definition
A super sexy boy with an amazing personality. He has many different talents and he lives on making people smile. Many girls drool over him but hes not a player. He lifts every ones spirits and every one adores him for it. Hes cool with the guys and hes just amazing
Omg look at Quade over there hes so sexy!!!
by Ilovejbiebs<3 January 28, 2011
group of incredibly sexy bitches who are awesome in every way.
"Quade is finally here, the party can start"
by whatup2340985 September 22, 2008
From Australian rugby player Quade Cooper
1. (v): to crumble under pressure;

2. (n): the act of messing something up;
1. 'He lost his job after quadeing badly.'

2. 'I made a right quade of that raspberry pavlova.'
by Tom Fordyce October 16, 2011
A flashy drink full of cheap shots that even the Irish find distasteful. Vegan (as it contains absolutely no traces of meat) and lacks any kind of consistency. Has a tendency to make all around it collapse when it is spoilt. Regularly devoured by Samoans, but makes New Zealanders (amongst others) sick upon sight.

Named after Australian Quade Cooper
"I thought she was cool, but when she ordered a tray of Quades I knew she was full of shit"
by AntsGardiner September 11, 2011
A universal slang term used to describe people who act in the following fashions; Fruit Cups, Haters, Lames, Marks, Tricks, Wack Artists, Douchebags, Squares, Guidos, etc.
My dude rudely tried to hate on my game, so I told him he was a Quade.

My dude had such bad allergies he began to sound like a Quade.

Two dudes got into a fight about what game to watch on TV, until dude told dude to stop being such a Quade.
by King Quade April 23, 2011
Caylee's verrrrrry sexy husband. (:
jussss Caylee's husband, Quade!
by Caylee MAH. (: April 10, 2010
Cigarette, of any variety.
Hey man, I could really use a quade. Let's go smoke one.
by JRCIII August 20, 2011

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