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Adj. Another way of representing the quantity '4'.

N. or V. A double deuce.
"That guy got deuced once, and then he got deuced again. That's a quace right there!"

"Strong Bad totally just double deuced us. I mean he fucking quaced us!"

"What's the sequel to Gradius III? Gradius Quace, of course!"
by Eric Litvak December 12, 2003
1. A word you say when somebody asks for a noun or verb and you want to be annoying.

2. A mythical square fruit (square + quince).

3. A word that can mean almost anything in almost any case.
1. Clyde: Okay, I need a noun.
Phil: Ummm...quace.
Clyde: Quace?
Phil: Sorry.

2. Phil: I'm hungry.
Clyde: Me too. I could really go for a quace.

3. Clyde: Hey Phil, could I borrow a pencil?
Phil: Quace.
by MpegEVIL August 07, 2011
A hybrid of "Q" and "aces" (originally from Jeff Long). A VERY good thing. Possibly the best.
That catsuit looks totally quaces.
by Hamish Robertson October 16, 2003
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