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Disorderly fighting
An unceremonious and disorganized struggle
The quabble in the market continued till the cops arrived
by Anup G Nair October 17, 2005
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A style of walking that is commonly seen after someone works out their legs. It is best described as a stubby trudge.
Danny worked out his legs for the first time in years. Look at him quabble out of the gym.
by N. Tuite July 20, 2014
a person who has one leg that is longer than the other
Ashley, you freak, you're such a quabble.
Ashley, stop quabblin' along.
Ashley, you'd stop quabblin' if you put one leg on the curb to walk.
by Ash0302 October 26, 2009
The way that labia wobble when put in your face.
Fucking hell her pussy quabbled at me big time.......
by drdjday August 29, 2005

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