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A term used in the North East of England, to describe Queen Elizabeth Sixth Form College, the college itself situated in Darlington. It is common knowledge to everyone (minus) QE'ers, that the college is a housing den for the dimwits and sheep of this world. The students themselves, lacking the fundamental skill of 'independent thought'. Instead, they choose to herd together, brand themselves 'indie' and talk smack about normal people.
Alan - " I hate QE-ers ".
by AlanSuperman April 24, 2010
A battlecry in World of Warcraft to signify that you are rallying your troops.
Ishnu Alah QE bitch!
by Teegee_Spite November 02, 2006
Beneficial in an obscure way.

A very useful word for scrabble!
Today I donated to the black amputee nuns in Ecuador, pretty qe I know, but I feel strongly about the cause.
by Microcut August 19, 2011
Pronunciation (kweh)

A polite way to say "That wasn't funny at all" without offending anyone.

Also used to break awkward silences.
Charlie: "Yeah so then i said thats no hallway, THATS MY WIFE!!hahaha"


Charlie:......k then....
by JordanVB April 22, 2007

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