freak of flames; one who likes watching things go in flames
Lisa: I like to light spiders on fire.
Nathan: You're a frickin pyromaniac
#fire #flame #light #burn #incinerate
by Asian Invasion '91 July 07, 2009
noun(n).-one who constantly "burns" CD's
chase: "yo, charlene just burned me 8 CD's!!"
milia: "eight!?, shes a pyromaniac!!
#pyromaniac #fire #burn #piromaniac #piromainyack
by yuroga August 09, 2009
the condition of being obssesed with fire;
addicted or burning anything; to worship fire; zoastrian
the local pyromaniac set yet anpother shed on fire today
#fire bug #burner #match boy #pyromanyak #zoastrian
by Firebug01 February 24, 2009
God of the internet
-Jewish savior
You my friend, are -Pyromaniac-.
by Eric Levy November 25, 2004
The man previously nwo known as Nightknight
I think this man needs to go back to his past and pull some pyromaniac out.
I am NightKnight recentyly knoq as the more awesomer Pyromaniac
by Neil May 31, 2004
Me, I am a huge Pyromaniac Im a compleat fire freak and love to burn things like places I hate, school and libarys!!!
Me all I need to do is lift up my hand and burn!
by Pyro December 02, 2003
Someone who often burns CDs (makes a copy of them) for their friends, etc, whether they are being paid for it or not.
I need to burn this music CD
by ChocoboDragon August 24, 2005
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