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Someone Who Absolutly Loves Fire, Explosions, Or ANYTHING Produces Fire.
They May Go Looking For Places Which Will Be Private, As Most See Them As Arsonists.
They Often Do It To Let Out Emotions, Or Because They Want To SEE Fire.
Oh My God, That Fire Is Soo Pretty, I Must Be A Pyromaniac
by Hunter616 March 29, 2008
Someone Who's Heavily Into The Whole Vampyre Scene, Wears Anything, Like Victorian Stuff Or Leather Trench Coats. Often Buys Fangs, Or Gets Them Cut.... Some Are Even Born With Them

They Also Have A Love For Blood, And A Lot Of Them Are Fond Of The Whole Bite Neck Thing.

Music Taste, Same As All Goths Or Often Even Chavs... They're Not Fussed To Be Honest.

Some Actually Follow The Vamperic Religion, Although I Don't Know Much About It.
What The Fuck You Doing Hunter... You Bloody Turning Into A Vampire Goth Or Something?
by Hunter616 March 29, 2008
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