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a person who is completely fire obsessed, even if they get hurt by fire. or, moreso in my case, someone who is obsessed or in love with x-men's pyro, st. john allerdyce, or aaron stanford, and does anything to relate to them
ooh, look at it burn.
by Alira January 17, 2004
26 22
a person who likes to burn things, blow things up and just be suicidal with flames
rich is trying to petrol bomb his neibours cat again while jumping through a log fire

lewis is burning his garden shed with lighters and matchsticks

¬_¬ crazy Pyromaniacs they are always good for a party or bonfire night ^_^

by speed_ne0 September 24, 2005
20 17
A lot of people think they're pyromaniacs when they not
person: I'm a pyro! I like fireworks.
by Yurine April 25, 2005
25 26
God of the internet
-Jewish savior
You my friend, are -Pyromaniac-.
by Eric Levy November 25, 2004
1 3
1: One who loves fire, blowing shit up, or burning things.

2: A crazy bastard who burns down property or homes to watch them burn.
I'm a bit of a pyromaniac, I enjoy fire, I just don't go burning down houses for the hell of it though. Crazy bastards..
by Zaku447 October 08, 2009
2 5
noun(n).-one who constantly "burns" CD's
chase: "yo, charlene just burned me 8 CD's!!"
milia: "eight!?, shes a pyromaniac!!
by yuroga August 09, 2009
3 7
freak of flames; one who likes watching things go in flames
Lisa: I like to light spiders on fire.
Nathan: You're a frickin pyromaniac
by Asian Invasion '91 July 07, 2009
2 6