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Noun describing a peron whose actions are regarded as confusing to others or alternatively someone who finds the actions of others confusing.
Lyle just ate a bar of soap. That dude is a puzzler.


I don't understand what your saying, I am such a puzzler.
by TheHefZA June 03, 2011
a really hard question
A: Who came first, the hen or the egg?
B: Quite of a puzzler, don't you think?
by CatchUp May 17, 2008
1. Roofie a girl.
2. As she is coming to, gizz on her face
3. Proceed to fart in her face, preferably blowing fart bubbles
then find a phone and say.. " Your mom is on the phone"

you can rate your performance by the look on her face
You should have seen the Puzzler I pulled last week at the frat, bitch was cross eyed for an hour.

by dicktreat March 06, 2009
puzzler is the corny king of rhymin...
i fiacked your momma
i fiacked her hard
by Jan Drekzhak January 05, 2004
also see bhanu...

by jan drekzhak February 10, 2004

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