1. Someone who uses any excuse to eat at any time. Normally seen with a packet of chips or something else of small edible stature just about anywhere.

2. Some one who managed to discover another meal between breakfast and brunch and then one between brunch and lunch. They must eat at these times otherwise they would suffer to lose weight and become a good healthy weight.
by I wanna C-U-P January 10, 2006
Top Definition
One who hates elves with a passion and goes about ridding them with a diabolical vengence
The great elven horde was beaten back when the Puners infested their home tree with termites
by strpuner January 31, 2011
A female boner. Punani (vagina) boner. When the female genitals, specifically the clitoris becomes aroused and hardens like a males penis.
"My boyfriend and I were making out and I got a puner."
by Doctor Puner March 02, 2014
This is what is commonly known as a light weight. Someone that can not handle the normal rigours that any self respecting man or woman would like to think they can.
A Puner is someone who can not handle their beer

A Puner is someone that wants to go home becasue it's cold outside or is spitting with rain

A Puner is someone who won't jump when others will!
by Busby (The core) September 30, 2009
A puny person. Child. Rugrat.
We took our puner to the zoo and he laughed at the monkeys.
by studke September 14, 2003
1: a small swedish meatball.

2: One with small balls
I dropped my puner on the ground and the dog licked it up.
by Awesome Mills April 01, 2009
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