1. remenants of making orenge juce
2. remenants of beating the crap out of some shit-head from the KKK
1. I love pulp
2. Dude me and my brothes trashed that KKK clan into pulp
by someone else June 12, 2003
Top Definition
Movie, Book, or other type of publication with lurid subject matter, such as crime. Often shocking subjects portrayed as non-shocking.
Many pulp movies have criminals as lead characters.
by mactabilis September 02, 2003
A British band that started out in 1978. No one can be sure if they are still around. Most people just accept the fact that they'll never come out with anything better than 'Common People'.
I want to fuck Jarvis Cocker from Pulp.
by Andrea November 01, 2003
A form of literature that originated in 1930's magazines. It features relatively simplistic and often lurid tales, with much action and little psychological thrills.
The Quentin Tarantino film Kill Bill is an example of pulp writing in movie form.
by GuidoPosse69 February 16, 2005
yummy, deliciousness in a cup!

somewhat goopy at times, making situations awkward, but nevertheless, the most amazing mix of orange juice ever.!
carolyn: im drinking orange juice!
tianna: sunnyD?!

carolyn: no...pulp:D
tianna: oh pulp is good!

carolyn: PULP, is delciousness in a cup!
by tiannahxc January 08, 2010
the last novel charles bukowski wrote. next to ham on rye, it represents bukowski at his best. hilarious, subversive of it's genre, spiritual (for bukowski), and maybe his best realized metaphor.
pulp the novel is like drinking till you make sense
by bapoonini November 04, 2006
Gesticulating or extreme excitation in speech.
I'm sorry, I just pulped. What I meant to say was.....
by jennalison December 06, 2010
Mush.A sticky solid/liquid.
I beat him to a pulp with my pulp stick
by Kurt NG UD September 19, 2004
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