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When you get guys.
When you make guys like you.
When you get girls.
When you make girls like you.
Billybob: I was pullin my nigga
JoeBob: Foreal? What girls?!
by SuperPinky December 12, 2007
to make a move in an attempt to make out
hannah was wildly attracted to her lesbian friend sarah. thus she decided to pull in.
by hannahlovessarah1234 September 19, 2010
getting or reciveing
i be pullin dem hoes
by chris lee G May 15, 2005
When dropping in on a wave positioning yourself underneath the lip for a barrel ride
pull in and get pitted
by surfnturf293 October 13, 2011
South African slang. To invite someone, or to arrive
"Hey, I hear you're having a braai at your spot"

"That's right boet, pull in!"

by TheDuce June 27, 2006