Ruin the faith and credit of your entire nation, just so some oligarch billionaires can see less zeroes on their tax forms, and then cry about how you love your nation soooo much.
Dude, I heard an ultra-nationalist member of Parliament in the homeland just pulled a Boehner out of his ass. His face is wet, and now we're all totally screwed!
by Science Lover July 31, 2011
Top Definition
Sobbing in public at the drop of a hat. Derived from
House Majority leader John Boehner's frequent public
sobbing jags.
Can you believe it? The guy pulled a Boehner when the Eagles lost the coin flip.
by I.M.Salmon January 13, 2011
to intentionally make a silly mistake or agree to a stupid idea.
"The Speaker of the House pulled a boehner when he led the charge to link defunding Obamacare with the funding of the government, knowing that it was a loser politically."

"Bobby, a known oenophile, pulled a boehner when he pronounced Merlot as Mur Lott."
by davemalaphor October 01, 2013
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