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An older man respected for his expertise on the youth culture
of the 1950s and early 1960s.

From the French, eminence grise, or "gray eminence, an
influential advisor or mentor.
For younger folks, Dick Clark is something of an eminence grease, given his encyclopedic knowledge of classic 1950s rock n' roll.
by I.M.Salmon May 01, 2010
What most men are really feeling when they say "I love you" early in a relationship. They're either confusing lust for love or more likely, using the word "love" to enhance their chances of satisfying their lust.
"Whew! I came THIS close to blurting out 'I lust you'
but caught myself and said 'I love you.' She bought it and I scored."
by I.M.Salmon January 09, 2011
Sobbing in public at the drop of a hat. Derived from
House Majority leader John Boehner's frequent public
sobbing jags.
Can you believe it? The guy pulled a Boehner when the Eagles lost the coin flip.
by I.M.Salmon January 13, 2011
Kindlebraries have replaced large public buildings that once contained something called "books" which people visited to check out reading material on library cards.
Now that we have kindlebraries, our former library is a new micro brewary!
by I.M.Salmon June 28, 2011
The inability to comprehend anything containing more than
140 characters.
President Lincoln, we know it's an important speech tomorrow at Gettysburg, but considering tweet attention deficit disorder could you cut it down to 140 words?
by I.M.Salmon February 19, 2011
Post Traumatic Rejection Disorder: Condition caused by
repeated and humiliating rejection by potential sexual

Symptoms: deep feelings of unattractiveness, fears it may be
a terminal condition; and tendency toward self-abuse.
I'm really worried about him. He was shot down three times this week and is showing signs of severe PTRD.
by I.M.Salmon January 08, 2011
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