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When an employer sends you home not to work and then pays you later for the time off.
"I was happy to be deemed non-essential because Congress game me a funlough."
by davemalaphor October 07, 2013
n. - Description of someone who is more than morbidly obese.
"He's not just fat; he's Discovery Channel fat."
by davemalaphor November 15, 2013
to intentionally make a silly mistake or agree to a stupid idea.
"The Speaker of the House pulled a boehner when he led the charge to link defunding Obamacare with the funding of the government, knowing that it was a loser politically."

"Bobby, a known oenophile, pulled a boehner when he pronounced Merlot as Mur Lott."
by davemalaphor October 01, 2013
Raise the Jolly Roger. Expression coined by Pirates play by play announcer Greg Brown. Used by all Pittsburghers when the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball team wins a game.
"RTJR! Go Bucs!"

"Pittsburgh wins! RTJR!"
by davemalaphor October 07, 2013
n. - large nostrils
"His judds were so large it looked like he had four eyes."

"Are you angry or do you just have big judds?"
by davemalaphor October 05, 2013

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