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The hottest best looking guy in the world whos P e n i s is the size of the MISSISIPPI RIVER
oh my god look its a pulkit!
by theshit December 09, 2004
a guy who likes to party to the max. yet a good friend who will always willing to help you out.
you found a pulkit! lucky you.
#pulli #pullo #pulkiee #poop #pots
by motherfacker July 17, 2011
1. Person having a cellulite ass, much better than Kim Kardashian's.
2. A person who's ass gets noticed first when he enters the room and people say "ooh Pullu's here!".
3. Any desperate hairy pudgy person who's face turns red when you talk about his ass.
4. A person who believes that all the girls only notice him and no other boy.
5. A person who nearly got in the Dps Rkp video.(Ask him, he'll tell you a nice swell story)
6. A person who regularly gets on Dr. S.R Kale's nerves.
Ooh da Pulkit is here!!!
#pulkit #pullu #pulkitas #pulkeet #pulkeets #wierd #psycho #desperate #oversmart #hairy #baboonic #bicurious.
by moipulkit February 15, 2009
A misjudger of breast size.
Stinson: Yo that chick has 32A's at most.
Pulkit: Are you kidding, those are definitely 36DD.
Stinson: Hellz no, hey hooter take it off.
Hooter: Sure! *lifts her shirt*
Stinson: See A's at most.
Pulkit: Hellz no, those are still DD, if not DDD.
Stinson: Dumbass!
#hooter #breast #bra #dumbass #tits
by Stinsonator October 08, 2010
a terribly ugly and hairy indivudal. Pudgy, fat, squat legs and extraordinarily hairy.Similar to a caveman.A pulkit also tends to be two-faced in nature,has barbarious manners, eats like a pig, runs awkwardly and walks like a penquin. Pulkit's tend to be moody, girly and have an obession with food ( especially pizza). Pulkit's collect and store food in intresting places.
Oh look it's a cave man...On never mind it's just a Pulkit.
#hairy #caveman #pudgy #serpent #weird
by marysue1234 December 30, 2008
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