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extremly good sex that weve all been denied.
start listening to more mindless self indulgence, people!!
by TheShit July 01, 2004
The hottest best looking guy in the world whos P e n i s is the size of the MISSISIPPI RIVER
oh my god look its a pulkit!
by theshit December 09, 2004
the best that is possible
nothing can be better
dude i have the bestestest IDEA!!!!!

really? AWSOME MAN
by theshit December 09, 2004
a good drug. and if it burns your nose, you must have gotten some really bad shit. it only burns if it is mixed with baking soda, u dumbshits. it numbs u if its real.it numbs ur throat and ur nose and it numbs the inside of ur mouth if u put some in there. it feels very good to be coked out. its not that addicting either. it tastes like asprin.but its fucking fun.
i love cocaine!!!!
by TheShit July 01, 2004
someone who is a really dumb peice of shit.
u area a dumb shit
by TheShit July 01, 2004
only kiss you dont forget and your not drunk when you do it
when you put the smack down on a pretty lady and your dick is harder than when you saw your friends mom naked
by theshit March 02, 2004
mindless slef indulgence. its a fucking kick ass band and they are all for that cocaine. also, they are fucking the biggest trip to listen to when u are stoned. trust me.
dig me now fuck me later sing it to the tune of faggot faggot faggot.ive been denied all the best ultra sex.
by TheShit July 01, 2004
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