A small blunt that is fatty and only 2 or 3 inches long. Its rolled tight with the dank chronic and perfect for
a quick puff.
Hey you got that blunt, I wanna roll up a puffin before we go.
by KrhoniK November 19, 2006
Top Definition
A great boyfriend who is very playful and strong but so cute and cuddly at the same time!
I love my puffin he's so puffiny!
by vixen2013 June 14, 2011
Any Pelagic seabird of the genus Fratercula.
Wow look at that flying penguin!

No Billy

that swimming parrot!

No Billy

A Diving-

No Billy its a puffin!
by olliver October 24, 2005
After the nationwide success of "Girls Next Door," puffins is no longer mostly known as the magnificent sea bird, but rather the pet name for Hugh Hefner used by the girlfriends of Hefner on "Girls Next Door." term used out of true love.
"awww puffins, come here baby"

"puffins, let's go have sex"
"...well come on, girls, i have some time before we crochet at the mansion with barbara walters"
by i love my puffins April 01, 2007
Something a little better in functionality than what happens to be the most popular form of the thing in question.

Comes from the fact that a puffin is a black and white bird adapted for both swimming and flying, whereas a penguin is also a black and white bird but is only adapted for swimming, and yet is far more popular than a puffin is.

The state of something being puffiny is always up for debate however.
Of the Xbox and PS2, the Xbox would have been the puffin.
by Teuthida August 13, 2007
A cute pet name to give your boyfriend.
Girlfriend: I love you Puffin.
Boyfriend: I love you too Sweetie. *blushes*
by jessieminkley March 22, 2008
A word used to describe someone with a total bitch face.
"Dude if you just look at her face you can see she already hates you" -Random dude
"My friend, the puffin alarm goes off every time I walk past her, how did you not know this." -Random genius that has a puffin alert on his phone.
by blishblush August 04, 2014
Same as a muffin top, but rolling out from the arm hole of a fatties too tight tee shirt (pit muffin)
Dude, I think that chics puffin just dripped in my drink
by Follysfinest December 08, 2013

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