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a sexy original female who can have any man or object she desires who other women hate on cuz she "got it like that" she has a nice body, a cute face, with intelligence who knows how to get that money without being a gold digger
Like Ms Trina said I'm tha baddest bitch
by Mz.Peaches December 15, 2004
typically a female thats a total package from head to toe long pretty hair (natural of course) pretty face no make up needed, an amazing body not too fat or too skinny every thing is the right proportion she has to dress in the flyest shit every time you see her, she gotta be classy and she always gotta stay with some cash but more importantly than her physical features she gotta be smart and have something goin for herself.... thats a truly bad bitch
lauren londen can be considered one of the baddest bitches in the game
by the baddest bitch March 21, 2009
Before used by Ms. Trina, baddest bitch was said in the punk song "Bad Girl" by the Plasmatics, whose lead singer was Wendy O. Williams.
"I'm a bad girl, baby. I'm the baddest bitch around."
by androgenous December 08, 2006

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