A word used to describe someone with a total bitch face.
"Dude if you just look at her face you can see she already hates you" -Random dude
"My friend, the puffin alarm goes off every time I walk past her, how did you not know this." -Random genius that has a puffin alert on his phone.
by blishblush August 04, 2014
Atlantic Seabird/ A pet name that shows affection toward a friend or loved one. Typically the person is both attractive and smart just as a Puffin can both swim and fly. This pet name is better than any other similar to how a Puffin is better than any other bird.
"Hey, Puffin. You're looking dapper today!"
by Elli's Many Puffins December 13, 2011
A name for a whipped man in a relationship. Often a joc who isn't really good at anything and thinks he's "real tight" but obviously can't control his girlfriend.
me- wanna come over later
Jay- can't I gotta call my girlfriend
me- wow you are such a puffin
by Jecrastin September 23, 2009
A cigarillo that is smaller than usual and puffed quickly with a friend or associate.
Tim and I were smoking on a delightful puffin during our break at work.
by TDOG314 July 18, 2010
A small blunt that is fatty and only 2 or 3 inches long. Its rolled tight with the dank chronic and perfect for
a quick puff.
Hey you got that blunt, I wanna roll up a puffin before we go.
by KrhoniK November 19, 2006
smoking crack cocaine
he's been up for 6 days, doing some serious puffin
by tuff puff February 23, 2004
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