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is the shortened version of probably it can also be used in a nother way meaning "probibility" instead of probably (auctually I created this word, maby not first but it definetly came out of my head
i would prolly pwn u at renegade...

ex2) the prolly of them making a comeback now is really low
by bubba2x4 September 08, 2008
1 17
to think you are something but not. the opposite of what you portray yourself as.
That fag is prolly good at everything.
by caarl June 13, 2008
5 21
As most people prolly know, "probably" was substituted by "prolly", because many got annoyed by the stutter. The new word became popular after Clinton's proposal for more honesty in birthday hymns:
"For he's prolly a good fellow,
For he's prolly a good fellow,
Which I can neither affirm nor deny."
by AlG38 November 20, 2006
7 27
prolly - the opposite of probably
"im gunna fuck this bitch tonight"

"yea you prolly gunna fuck dat bitch"
by GETLIKEME22 December 20, 2006
7 38
Short for probly, commonly mispeled as 'probably'.
prolly teh best word EVAR!
by the richter September 13, 2006
13 44
An adverb, verb, and adjective that polarizes the meaning of a sentence to that of a sarcastic tone.
"I'm prolly going to work out"
means, "I'm not going to work out."
by Whit Smith February 01, 2005
14 49
American for probably.
My English is prolly good.
by Nullbort August 14, 2002
24 60