A shortened form of probably, used mainly in texting and emails.
1: Are you coming over tonight?
2: Yea, I'll prolly show up for a while.
by Lyssa DL May 11, 2008
It will prolly rain
by *sid* February 03, 2003
probably; used as a txt or chat abbreviation
friend: u goin 2 c eclipse?
you: i wud prolly cut my dick off b4 seein that shit
by T_1 July 01, 2010
a short word for all u lazy peeps who never feel like saying probably...
I will prolly be there tonight.
by reece&angel97 July 10, 2008
probably with less typing
yer prolly gonna luv it
by ssarrrrah September 27, 2010
going to be done or has already been done.
I'll prolly go to the store before I come home.
by PCLawman February 17, 2008
You would say or write Prolly if you are talking or typing fast. Mostly used in an email or IM to someone that you really don't care if you spell correctly or not.
He is prolly going to jail
by Brenda Kay May 20, 2007

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