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Basically stereotyping for police. It's when an officer think a person is committing some sort of crime simply because they are of a certain race, culture, etc.

And as Ron White would say it, it is wrong.
They pulled me over, but they were stopping everyone on that sidewalk, and that's profiling, and that's wrong.
by TenshitheGuardian October 04, 2010
Adding a set of people into a group based on racial stereotypes or boredom.
Not all Muslims aren't terrorists but i wont say that they aren't because that's profiling and i won't do that.
by semi-belligerency December 11, 2011
Weaving back and forth across all lanes of the road, often when taking part in a sideshow.
When I'm profiling, y'all bes' get out the way cuz I own the lanes, I own this street.
by Scram May 03, 2008
A euphemism for doing naughty activities in the Double reed room, with a fellow Double reed player.
Sarah, were you profiling with Jason in the reed room?!
by BsnManDan12 March 02, 2009