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Programmed random occurance
OMG this new weapon procs like a mofu
by Triumph April 08, 2005
Something which is bound to occur if the proper conditions are met enough times.
Just keep hitting up those girls on Craigslist, one of them is bound to proc.
by Yaxamie March 07, 2010
A shortened word for procedures - used by instant messaging high school students when trading and discussing science labs
Kenny: do you have the procs yet?
Alex: no bra i'm still working on mats
by A-Rob March 10, 2008
Short for "Spec Proc" which is short for Special Procedure...

Used in RPG's to describe a special ability that an item/weapon/armor has.
Woot, my weapon proced for an extra 98 damage.

I just got this armor with a sweet proc on it.
by Greken November 22, 2004
Abbreviation for "process" in RPG's.

Syn: activate, trigger
"My sword's special fire attack never procs!"
by Vuelhering January 04, 2005
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