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The only folk in the world that can discriminate and insult people other than themselves without being charged. Christians want their belief to be respected, but usually get very cross with non-christian people thinking the same way. They also believe that they are predestined for a better world thanks to their never-wavering faith in Gawd, and agree that all other people are simply inferior.

See also: muslims, jews.
"Hey, have you read The Da Vinci Code lately?"
"Die a painful death, you foul-mouthed atheist, priest of evil theories, for there is only one Book mankind should read! Dan Brown should burn in the seventh circle of Hell for his companionship with Satan!"
"So you didn't?"
by nvdw June 23, 2005
Offensive noun, thrown at German terrorist along with a pound of C4 down an elevator shaft in a popular 1980's action movie.
Take this under advisement, jerkweed.
by nvdw May 02, 2005
1) Probably the world's worst car of all time. Pure British craftsmanship of the late 1970s.
2) Generic heap of junk.
Goddammit, another hole has rusted into my Allegro.
by nvdw May 02, 2005
draw an ~ : leave two parallel skidmarks after performing burnout start with high-performance motor vehicle. See also donut.
Ron had to buy a new clutch and a set of rear tyres for his Mustang, but hey, at least he drew an eleven on Main Street.
by nvdw July 08, 2005
Ugly, environmentally friendly hybrid vehicle that is really cool, because all Hollywood celebrities drive one.
I'm buying a Toyota Prius because Cameron Diaz has one.
by nvdw May 02, 2005

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