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Meaning of "Priscila"
Latin-American name

In Latin-American, the name Priscila or Priscilla means- wise, ancient. Nickname: Prisca
Origin - Latin-America

Priscila or Priscilla is a wise, humble and strong woman. She is creative, sweet and spontaneous, gorgeous and with a great personality. Priscila is beautiful inside and out. She is a friend to friends and a respectful person to enemies. If you stay loyal she will be confident. She makes a good friend and boys smile and wobble around. Known to be the sexiest person you've ever met. Once you get her to know her, you’ll fall in love and if she responds to you, you will be the luckiest man to walk on earth. Never hurt her feelings or she’ll never forget. Loves flowers!
I would love to kiss Priscila.
Priscila was Aquila's husband.
Priscila or Priscilla are the same name.
by Name meaning searcher November 19, 2013
Priscila: most humble person you will ever meet, a flirt and a freak in bed

person is the most perfect person you will ever meet
priscila the bomb frfr
by jerseyyrep May 31, 2014
Chobs. Much chubs. The chubbest.
Priscila bit her tongue again. It was bleeding. Oh chobs.
by chobs_sister January 04, 2008

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