prince, a non specific proper noun, ("p" is not capitalized) is a sex symbol, commonly one who has gained such a status by scoring with MILFs (HOT women 10+ years older than him)
currently, ashton kucher is one prince who comes to mind. Also, the gardner from Desperate Housewives.
by the hoya March 29, 2006
Nickname of The Daily Princetonian, Princeton University's independent daily newspaper. The second oldest college daily in the U.S.
-Do you subscribe to the Prince?
-Nope, I just read it online at
by octa December 28, 2005
Artist, formerly known as talented. Now just sort of pathetic.
What is it with Prince and that symbol sh*t?
by avgfhadsfkjbvhadsfjhbv September 07, 2006
An ugly ass mother fucker who treats his friends like shit. Hes very conceited and masterbates with his self. he is gay and sucks his moms dick. hes also a hermaphrodite. he also does 69 with a little kids, 5 years old.
Prince did a 69 with those kids!
by jghkfg April 03, 2009
1. a singer who used to be good, but has now faded in obscurity.

2. a character in the Chappelle Shows "true hollywood stories" in it, he is really good at basketball
1. 1. "Dude, what is that, oldies?"
2. "No, its Prince!"

2. "This bores me. is anyone up for a game of basketball?" "Shoot the J! SHOOT IT!" "Game, Blouses" "Does anyone want some pancakes?" "Good"
by Im Rick James, b*tch January 20, 2007
When someone changes their name to a symbol or treats his friends like shit.
"You asshole! Why did you pull that Prince shit on me??"
Prince, is also known as the artist formerly known as Symbol, formerly known as character, commonly known as ridiculous unshaved dwarf in gay hotpants.

-Did you see that guy on TV, the one with the ass-less pants?

- Perhaps you meant the Artist Formerly Known as the Artist Formerly Known as Prince?
by funkylady December 07, 2005

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