To be named Sir Flip and not know how to spell. Stems from the Latin root of Pasco De Gama.
It's not refuring, it's reffering.
by Cosmo March 06, 2005
noun, means principle's honors roll at High School
"Yo, dude, you on Prince's?"
"Fo, sho."

"Hey, I heard Stephen made Prince's again."
"Yeah, smart bastard."
by Nerd1234 April 07, 2009
Refuring to steve ronan.
To be the one that is picked on by everyone.
I was walking down with princes and i farted on him, while wearing a gortex jacket.
by sir master flip December 15, 2004
sexiest man alive...absoult fuckin ..smookin..etc etc
steven ronen is fuckin hott
by dun matta March 10, 2005
the nice, cool, cute, hot, responsible, trustworthiness, raw, basketball player, born in September 14, 1996, funny, strong, 6pack, rapper, and you know.
PRINCE: helo
some girl: hey prince, wink wink
PRINCE: how are you
some girl: good, you wink wink
PRINCE: same
some girl: wink wink
One of the largely recognized words in Egyptian slang. It has been growing and getting popularity throughout the last decade. It is equivalent to "dude" in English slang. Prince is usually pronounced "brince" by most people.
1. Usually said to guys with lots of influence to group, like their leader or something.
2. Another way of saying "fellow" or "dude" or anything of the same meaning.
1. Ana el brince ya brince!
Translation: I'm the prince, prince!
2. A ya brince!
Translation: What's up prince!
by 3abbo October 28, 2007
word used to describe a person who is being annoying, self-centered, bitchy, or an asshole, usually a male. taken from the book the catcher in the rye, one of the greatest books ever.
1) A: can you believe he ditched his girlfriend?
B: no way. he's such a prince.
2) I don't know what Hal's problem is lately, but he's acting like a real prince.
by emmybelle March 19, 2007

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