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When someone has a sexually transmitted disease and their male parts (penis) has bumps, rashes etc...
He didn't use a condom when he fucked that chick last night, now he's got a prickly pear!!! ouch.
by Sampson C. February 15, 2008
3 days after a chick had shaved her fun zone.
Wow that was harsh, you should have felt how rough her prickly pear was.
by Packster January 16, 2010
A testicle or testicles that sport semi regrowth,
Freddy: "What's with you scratching yourself all the time bro?"

Joe: "Ah it's nothin, just got a bit of a prickly pear is all."
by Badgery March 02, 2008
Eating a girl out with your chin stubble instead of your tongue.
Marissa loves when I give her the prickly pear in November.
by ferkyferk21 November 23, 2011