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The dirtiest, smelliest, or most pungent point on an individual's body at the time of reference, often a place of anatomical significance.. ie. belly button, arse cleft, nipple, advanced neck pimple, rotten toenail.
"I have a strange tingling in my crud bud.."


"Look buddy, i'm telling you this for your own good.. you've gotta do something about that crud bud of yours.."
by Badgery November 14, 2006
A testicle or testicles that sport semi regrowth,
Freddy: "What's with you scratching yourself all the time bro?"

Joe: "Ah it's nothin, just got a bit of a prickly pear is all."
by Badgery March 02, 2008
A common misinterpretation of the word 'Thirty' when said with an Irish accent.
Dave: "So what was the final score of your tennis match?"

Patty: "T'was Fifteen to Tarity!!"
by Badgery November 14, 2006
A mysterious word that can replace any relative or similar sounding word; ie. Tarty, Thirty, Charity, Clarity, Tapestry
"mmm... I could really go an apple and custard tarity"
by Badgery November 14, 2006
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