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The fantastic yellow dinosaur/lizard thing from Gumby. That guy was amazing.
"Prickle, of Prickle and Goo, is so God damn fantastic"--Gumby Fan 1
"Dude, I know."--Gumby Fan 2
Somebody - namely a female - who has forgotten to shave their legs before getting into the same bed as another person, resulting in the latter being lacerated by the sharp, prickly legs.
"OW!! You forgot to shave your legs, Prickles!"
by jess_the_mess August 21, 2011
A prickle is a person who, in the Barbadian context, is a vagrant, drug addict, criminal, drunkard or other unseemly individual.
Dat boy Joe turn prickle now!
by Junior-Reid February 22, 2008
Somebody a bit more than just a 'prick'.
Hey fuck you, Prickles!
by The1337One November 10, 2008
someone who looks like a member of n'sync. also a very gay person
did you see the mardi gras? oh my god just a heap of prickles'
by Anonymous March 20, 2003
pickle cucumber
"Can I get the number 2 with out prickles, and a Sprite?
by Mansonite4life May 14, 2005

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