Preston means "priest's town" and it is derived from Old English. It is also a name of a place in England.
Preston: A place in England.
by JustPressed March 27, 2010
Englands newest city in the North West.

Notably, Butch Cassidy's parents lived in Preston but emigrated later on to avoid torment over their Mormon religion.

Two members of ex-band Liberty X went to college in Leyland, which is near Preston, "Wallace and Gromit" animater Nick Park, and famous cricketer Andrew Flintoff also originate from Preston.

Preston is bordered by the River Ribble and contains six parks, three different bus services, a dock, and a major railway station, as well as six museums and three popular shopping centres- The Mall, Miller Arcade, and Fishergate Centre.

The first KFC in the UK was opened in Fishergate, which is in central preston.

Preston is also home to UCLan, which is the sixth biggest university in the country. The university has over 33,000 students. There are five more universities in Preston. Royal Preston Hospital also teaches medical students, a proportion of them from Manchester.

Preston also has eight high schools, 9 radio stations, and has it's own newspaper based in Fulwood- The Lancashire Evening Post.

The city also has a considerably famous football team - P.N.E FC (Preston North End), and is also home to the National Football Museum, situated at Deepdale.

Sir Tom Finney, a famous football player who played for PNE and England is also from Preston, and has a road named after him.

One of the founding fathers of the United States, Benjamin Franklin, once owned a property on Cheapside and Friargate in the city.

Kenny Baker, the actor who played R2D2 in the Star Wars movies lives in Preston.

Preston is a modern, entertaining place to go as it contains a lot of history, and a lot of shops, as well as coffee bars, clubs, pubs and parks.
Preston is a city in the North-West of England.
by Chicck October 26, 2008
A kid who thinks hes cool because of a certain amount of weed he smokes. Tends to lie about sexual encounters to show off to his friends. Some prestons have been known to give ball jacuzzi's
Preston: I'm so blown bro, i havent been this stoned since i invited Annie over to chief and we ended up boning un the shower. I bust the fattest nut on her face.
by veryrealversace April 24, 2013
Newest City in England, Next biggest northwest city after Manchester and Liverpool. The university's new spaceage student union, won best student union in England!

Don't bother going shopping there u won't get out alive!

2 of liberty X went to college in Leyland
Pestonions are great!

PNE rules (for a 1st division team)

Preston Accent: farmerish + manc + scouse, not as annoying as manc or scouse though.
by Anonymouly_Anonymous May 14, 2006
Usually a big red headed flaming faggot. Loves sucking huge dicks.
That preston loves sucking big monkey penis.
by X_Nigger_X November 03, 2014
Someone who goes to bed early. Specifically before 4:20 AM. Also refers to someone who is burnt out after having the munchies and eating a lot of food.
"Dude I think I'm gunna be a preston tonight, I'm really tired and gotta go to bed."

"Wake the fuck up Preston!"

"Are you gunna be a Saturday night prest?"
by smoketreefatreef May 13, 2007
Preston, a name usually coinciding with an elitist meaning due to the old english derivation of "priests town". Prestons usually tend to coalesce in small, affluent coastal Connecticut communities where there tends to be a surplus of gin and tonics in company with polo matches. Prestons also are nicknames for typical "prep" attire, IE sperry topsiders, seersucker pants, pastel polo's and sport jackets of varying hues. "Did you spot those prestons that chap was wearing on his feet? They were of the finest leather."
"What a frigging preston!"
by random123 December 15, 2006

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