generally an amazing person that loves soccer. some carachteristics are a tall, down to earth male. loves sports and loves sweden=). his fav number is usualy #7.
by italian thunda March 30, 2009
a little bitch, who doesnt deserve any happiness whatsoever. hes a fuckboy, breaks girls hearts, and uses girls for sex. hes a little fag who is obsessed with his hair and is 3 feet tall. and no one likes him.
" what a faggot, hes such a preston. "
by annonymousperson123 August 03, 2015
really cute sweet and nice he's someone you can talk to whenever you need to and you know he will understand has really gorgeous eyes and blond curly hair he is very sporty and likes baseball and basketball with a passion and has a few siblings he is popular and someone you can trust and count on
preston is one of my best friends and I miss him.
by peek a boo April 23, 2015
A very attractive brown headed athletic and amazing eyed spends all day playing basketball and with friends. Knows how to cheer people up when they are down and follows God with an open mind and open heart!
Girl 1- do you know Preston?

Girl 2- yes! that amazing man!

Girl 1- yes he just redefines the name Preston!
by super12 December 22, 2011
Preston is usually a guy who has dark brown hair and eyes. He is very dreamy and nerdy in a good way. He is very good and bed and has a very large dick.
Preston is so hot
by Preston.forever April 08, 2015
A cranky comment of extreme and ridiculous proportions, often used to troll political media.
Comment : No taxes and no government! The only way to eliminate poverty is to make it more painful. Then no one will chose to be poor.

Reply : That's just a silly preston, not an opinion.

libertarian-conservative idiocy commentary
by TheOED May 17, 2014
A sweet guy that I love... Too bad he can't put a necklass, that he bought me, on me lol jk poor him
Omg! That guy is totally hot! He must be a preston
by farmie1 February 10, 2010

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