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Preston, a name usually coinciding with an elitist meaning due to the old english derivation of "priests town". Prestons usually tend to coalesce in small, affluent coastal Connecticut communities where there tends to be a surplus of gin and tonics in company with polo matches. Prestons also are nicknames for typical "prep" attire, IE sperry topsiders, seersucker pants, pastel polo's and sport jackets of varying hues. "Did you spot those prestons that chap was wearing on his feet? They were of the finest leather."
"What a frigging preston!"
by Woozle December 17, 2006
A cranky comment of extreme and ridiculous proportions, often used to troll political media.
Comment : No taxes and no government! The only way to eliminate poverty is to make it more painful. Then no one will chose to be poor.

Reply : That's just a silly preston, not an opinion.

libertarian-conservative idiocy commentary
by TheOED May 17, 2014
Blonde hair, Baby Blue eyes, tall, always tan and muscular. He is sometimes quiet and shows no emotion but with the right friends around he will begin to open up.He's loving, kind and adorible. He's in love with his girlfriend and Xbox360. He could also be extremely racist due to past incidents but its ok because he is an adorible aryan Nazi. He has an enormous temper if you push him to it he'll probably rip you in half with his penis.Oh, ya... His penis is ery large, bout 8 inches at least.
I hope every girl finds their Preston.
by Sgt Dieter March 26, 2011
The most wonderful person on earth. He's cute, down-to-earth, and hates drugs and crap like that.
Guy: hey blondie, try this. (Holds a weird cigarette in front of him)
Preston: NO THANKS. I've got a date, and I wouldn't try it if I didn't. Ta ta.
Guy: whatever.
by Ilysm Preston <3 May 09, 2009
A badass motherfucker with a temper sometimes,
who skates like hell, gets higher than a cloud and is amazingly sweet.
Just a generally awesome person to hang with.
Guy 1: Hey Preston, whats up?
Preston: Ahh not much man, gonna get FUCKED UP this weekend with my babygirl. Maybe skate some. Lol.
Guy 1: Man you are so badass.
by A hella awesome friend March 16, 2009
A sweet guy that I love... Too bad he can't put a necklass, that he bought me, on me lol jk poor him
Omg! That guy is totally hot! He must be a preston
by farmie1 February 10, 2010
A kid with brown hair and blue eyes an goes to SMA, he can cheer you up on the worst days. He'll make you laugh like you are having an orgasm. Big Dick(elephantitius big). Likes lighting up those blunts. Has more friends than you. He has a best friend named Austin. And you should chill with him.
Did you see Lil Wayne at the concert he was almost as cool as Preston.
by thehottestgirlsatschool October 10, 2011