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Ruining a good time.
Amberlynn: Hey, let's go burn down a house!

Preston: No!

Amberlynn: Why do you have to go and preston everything?
by Hoohaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa January 27, 2009
A fattie that can't fit in pictures
Please move that preston out of the picture we can't see anything!
by J. L. Shiraki January 22, 2008
A bizzare place in lancashire england. people who look through t he wrong eyes see a shit hole. nobody famous ever goes apart from ken loach, and luibana himid, and like... all the bands that play at 53 degrees, where that guy got stabbed. Also "Joy Division" played recorded their last album here live and the lead singer took his own life 3 months later. Due to cases like this preston is often called "deppreston". there is an abundance of chavs, but a true prestoner knows how to not get stabbed. Preston seems to be completely free from revolution. Nothing ever changes here and those who are poor always will be unless they escape... and those who are rich dont live here.. It is like a black abyss which sucks people in.. its always a lot easier to drive into preston than it is to get out. The pros are newman college, greatest college ever and spending years finding people like you who are trapped just as you are and making friends.
dude 1: Let's go to preston!
dude 2: wtf dude! turn around! well never escape

guy 1: excuse me im looking for an already-severed human foot. can you help me?
guy 2: yeah mate, preston is that way. be careful though.
guy1: thankyou kind sir.
by Dom Moon May 09, 2007
Preston from is in odinary boys, the popular english band. He is a tosser and a wanker and a asshole an basicaly a total fuck up. His band bacame more famous when he entered the celebrity big brother house and faked a relationship with then non-celebrity chantelle even though the skeeze was already engaged to another women. Chantelle lured him to her to win the public vote with there fake love, even though she was and still is already fake enough with her stupid blonde hair extenions and flase ditzy behaviour. They continued there reationship n r now engaged n chantelle is roumered to be pregnant despite the fact the stupid fools have only known each other for around 6 months (i thought id link pregnant for u idiots out there who are not sure of its meaning) . They are both idiots, preston is apparently fit but in my opinion he needs to sort his wardrobe out an has a pointy face. He is also extremly rude, as is chantelle they were rude to me and because of this i have come to the decision that they are total fuckups. ROCK ON ME. his music crap also.
Preston is in the cruddy band the ordinary boys, preston smells, preston is a tithead
by sydney rules dis world June 15, 2006
this word is part of a phrase 'Doing a preston' which is used to describe the act in which a male inserts his fingers up the rear-end of a small, south-african, ring-rotted, beaver.
HEY EVERYBODY!! Im Doing a Preston!! Wooohhooooo
by Allahbebackforaquickie June 19, 2006
A fat ass hard gay mofo, who can juggle more balls then a circus clown. Also his gayness is communicable.
1-Holy shit!


1-Your Preston... don't infect me.
by Sneaux April 30, 2008
A fag. someone who needs a life. Normally walks like a woman, and talks like a girl. They cant be trusted. but have drop dead gorgeous eyes
oh my gosh its so hott. preston would also say ahh! its burning my face
by dr.pepperdoode. January 18, 2009