Being wholly incompetent at golf. The inability to even move a golf ball in a forward direction.
I was really a Preston on the course today.
by Bradwing February 22, 2010
To be melancholy and depressed.
Man, I am feeling very Preston today.
by Friend220202 November 11, 2010
A hard core pot smoker and drinker. He has a girlfriend that he is madly in love with. He is average in hieght and has dark black curly hair. Both of his ears are gauged and his lip is pierced. He is most likely gay but doesn't want to admit it.
That guy over there looks like a Preston.
by bestbrother129 September 28, 2010
Preston, also known as "Pillowcase Preston" is a term used to someone who jizzes in their pillow case

"dude, my roommate is such a Preston"

"dude that sucks"
by lakers12 January 28, 2009
An emo kid from G-Ville
Preston's so emo that he would like to hold on a sec emo kids don't like to do anything but mope around and plan for suicide. thats me
by pmn9393 October 24, 2006
to be overly aggressive, sometimes in the form of body checking
person 1: (slams child into locker)
person 2: dude. didnt have to go and pull a preston on me.
by kumasi meeks May 24, 2008
A bizzare place in lancashire england. people who look through t he wrong eyes see a shit hole. nobody famous ever goes apart from ken loach, and luibana himid, and like... all the bands that play at 53 degrees, where that guy got stabbed. Also "Joy Division" played recorded their last album here live and the lead singer took his own life 3 months later. Due to cases like this preston is often called "deppreston". there is an abundance of chavs, but a true prestoner knows how to not get stabbed. Preston seems to be completely free from revolution. Nothing ever changes here and those who are poor always will be unless they escape... and those who are rich dont live here.. It is like a black abyss which sucks people in.. its always a lot easier to drive into preston than it is to get out. The pros are newman college, greatest college ever and spending years finding people like you who are trapped just as you are and making friends.
dude 1: Let's go to preston!
dude 2: wtf dude! turn around! well never escape

guy 1: excuse me im looking for an already-severed human foot. can you help me?
guy 2: yeah mate, preston is that way. be careful though.
guy1: thankyou kind sir.
by Dom Moon May 08, 2007

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