Has the ability to fart in front of himself while walking. Farts so potent that fishermen will smell them a mile out upon the water, while Preston is on land. Will get injured on any big holiday....like I said....ANY big holiday. Is often wrong. Sausage and cheese lover. Pepsi snorter. Follower of the king. Uh huh huh.
It's the 4th of July, hope nobody pulls a Preston. Too late!

I was walking in the store, and walked into a cloud of Preston from the guy walking behind me!
by Smithing Awesome December 18, 2014
The gateway to Lancashire, Preston is England's newest city and is home to the fifth biggest University in the UK, the oldest football club in the world, Wallace and Gromit and R2D2.

Preston has an urban population of around 130,000 and a suburban population of over 300,000. Its population density is rather low, as Preston is surrounded largely by agricultural land rather than housing estates.

A small and pretty city, Preston is home to such listed buildings as the Harris Museum & Art Gallery, the Miller Arcade, St. Walburge's Church, the Preston Town Hall, the Lancashire County Council Hall and one of the North's busiest and most important railway stations. Preston also has the second biggest bus station in Western Europe.

A stone's throw away from the City centre is Avenham & Miller park; a pleasant, peaceful and quaint space, complete with views of the River Ribble.

Preston is a historic and religious city; its name derives from Priest Town. The last battle on English soil took place here, it was the first town outside of London to use gas lighting, the first stretch of motorway was built here, the UK's first KFC still stands on Fishergate, and it is home to the largest man-made Marina in the country as well as the country's highest church spire.
Preston is awesome.
by MART!N January 26, 2010
Upper class suburb located near surry Hills, contains lots of parks, lakes and mount rushmore. Home to many great people such as K-Fed and K-Rudd. home to the ganger hates of 08' and do not allow povo, cheap ass people to reside in the area.
Omg look at her Prada bag, is she from prestons?
by Tristan <3's Jason January 02, 2008
Preston, a name usually coinciding with an elitist meaning due to the old english derivation of "priests town". Prestons usually tend to coalesce in small, affluent coastal Connecticut communities where there tends to be a surplus of gin and tonics in company with polo matches. Prestons also are nicknames for typical "prep" attire, IE sperry topsiders, seersucker pants, pastel polo's and sport jackets of varying hues. "Did you spot those prestons that chap was wearing on his feet? They were of the finest leather."
"What a frigging preston!"
by Woozle December 17, 2006
A stuck up rich white person
I don't like that Preston
by Therealguy_01 April 01, 2015
A badass motherfucker with a temper sometimes,
who skates like hell, gets higher than a cloud and is amazingly sweet.
Just a generally awesome person to hang with.
Guy 1: Hey Preston, whats up?
Preston: Ahh not much man, gonna get FUCKED UP this weekend with my babygirl. Maybe skate some. Lol.
Guy 1: Man you are so badass.
by A hella awesome friend March 16, 2009
AKA A Pimp Named P-Rillo
1- Have you seen Preston ?

2- Who's Preston ?

1- .....
by P-Rillo January 07, 2009

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