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Girls that are...

Look at those dumb preads over there....
by sjbk721 September 22, 2010
pubic hair so long that it dreadlocks.
i went to wreck beach and almost puked when i saw that old hippy's preads.
by chelseagirrrl March 11, 2010
Pr eads:
PRETEND DREADS.. for all those white folks that think it is cool too never brush their hair. To try to appear jamacian or something..Well whity UR NOT bob marley so go away.
Scott: Dude hav u seen alex's hair. it wont stay in the dreads man..

Tyler: yeah.. hah.. waatta bundle of sticks.

Scott: it would help to not use a pansy shampoo.. man he's white.

Tyler: yeah man.. one word: PREADSSS..
by You would want to know May 28, 2007

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