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The act of staring with an almost manner at one's breasts, while the subject of the Pratting is not aware of the act being done.
*after class*
"Oh. my. god. Becky. How did you not see him Pratting you?? It was so freaking obvious!"
by KandiL<3vee April 13, 2013
the act of sexual intercourse
teds gonna be pratting harriet tonight

what she needs is a good pratting
by matt February 26, 2005
The act of obsessing over/worshipping the almighty Chris Pratt.
Noemie: Parks & Recreation is amazing, omg.
Liz: It's 3 o'clock in the morning.
Noemie: But Chris Pratt.
Liz: Stop with your pratting and go to sleep.
by Lizzythevip August 01, 2015
When someone transforms themselves from reasonably chubby to a sexy and extremely muscular, in the style of actor Chris Pratt.
Have you seen John recently, he's pratting and lost like 40 pounds.
by Agt678 April 27, 2015

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