A shotty, useless piece of chalk that is not suitable for writing on the blackboard because it is too tiny to grasp.

Prants can also be used as a fun pre-class game called pranting. Object of the game is to make use out of prants, and throw them onto the chalk ledge. Five point for not using the blackboard as a backboard, and three for using it. Each person gets five throws in a round. Highest score at the end of five rounds wins.
"I can't write the Latin homework on the board because all that’s left to write with are god damn prants, open up a new box of chalk, you stingy bastard."

"Dr. G isn't in the class yet, want to engage in a spot of pranting?"
by Latin lovaah November 23, 2005
Top Definition
noun; Akin to a fingerprint in your pants, most commonly referred to as a skid or hash-mark.
While doing the laundry, Terri noticed a huge prant on Gerdy's skivvies.

She went to fart a fart but ended up with a prant on her G- string.

Having eaten bum tacos for lunch, Steve and Arlene both ended up with matching prants in their britches.

Even bleach couldn't get the prant out of Donald's bloomers.
by NCKnobster August 03, 2011
It means parents, just easier to say/type.
Mr. Cool: Hey, Your prants home?
Mr. Number 2: Naw. What's prants mean anywho?
Mr. Cool: It means parents, just easier to say/type.
by AwesomeFace May 31, 2006
A PG-rated, non-sexual term for a vagina.
Gloria shaved her prant.
by gigglewarts April 25, 2006
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