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Power is something the man tries to take away from all minorities, but he can't because were unstoppable.
My principle said I have no power cause I'm a minority, but I proved him wrong by blackmailing him.
by #1best January 07, 2008
8 31
something of an improper manner
Now you wouldn't want to say that to the guests, would you, honey? It'd be too powers. We need butter.
by LAURasaurus July 10, 2006
14 31
A large amount of resources or listing of resources from which one can call on when needed.
"Wow dude, look at all that power you have up in there!" Referring to the number of names and addresses in ones phone database.
by BassBitch September 14, 2005
10 28
5 in Supreme Mathematics

the force or creative energy
To refine is to perfect. Power is the truth, which is Allah's mathematics. To Knowledge the Culture of Islam is to have Power.
by LiquidSwords October 12, 2005
21 42
To increase the meaning of a word
"he was power hard" tim.
by ben May 09, 2003
11 32
The power- prefix can be applied to virtually normal word where the standard definition must be emphasized to a new height. Like adding a turbocharger to an engine; it won't make a new engine, but it will put more horses in your line.
I was powerfacing this bitch and she pissed in my mouth. It powersucked.
by Testicles...that is all October 13, 2006
8 30
The United States of America
The United States of America Is A Major Nuclear Power
by J?K August 31, 2005
43 66