For when you're so fucking horny from phone sex that only a power wank will do.
TEXT: "Oh god you're really making me want to come fucking badly. Gonna have to have a power wank thinking about your beautiful sexy ass"
by Lucas1212 February 01, 2012
When in you in the climax of wankin knowing that someone is about to enter the room you are in. and so you start wanking so powerfully you cock goes to red alert
Mum cums up the stairs
by Tony bistol February 23, 2005
The subtle act of pleasuring one's self (male members only) through inserting the tip into a door jamb, or other hinged objects, and then proceeding to slam said object aginst the tip thus making it bleed. This results in not only immense extreme pleasure, but also a lovely indoor fireworks display of man magma, a name derived from the appearance of blood stained jism.
Man 1 : Holy good wank! what happened to yer nob?

Man 2 : I had the mother of all power wanks last night

Man 3 : No shit.
by the wan November 13, 2006

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