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The act of masturbating whilst inserting something into one's own anus, typically a finger or toothbrush. Known to "power up" a good wank.
1)I had an awesome power wank last night.

2)Q: What's Ed doing?
A: He's powering it up in his room.
by poweritup108 October 13, 2005
The act of simultaneously masturbating and defecating, derived from a fusion of the words 'crap' and 'wank'. Usually performed on the toilet, when a gentleman is getting ready for work and doesn't have time to shit and then wank concurrently so has to do both at the same time. Practicioners have been known, however, to perform the 'crap' element in their undergarments mid-crank.
Mate I was so rushed this morning I had to get a crank in.
by poweritup108 October 13, 2005
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