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A Pouya is an awesome person. If you meet a Pouya that's a douchebag then it's probably a "Pouyan", and therefore not a real Pouya. The name Pouya is a male persian name but it's widely used by different ethnicities in the surroundings of Iran. A Pouya is a chickmagnet because he's so awesome and nice, he's also awesome at the parties so make sure to invite him. He drives nice cars and wear nice clothes and accessories. A Pouya can always be trusted and is one of the best people you can meet. Girls be prepared!!
Is that guy a Hollywood star?

No it's just Pouya.
by Pasha4life August 29, 2014
Generally, the name given to a metrosexual male. Pouya's tend to drive nice cars, buy trendy clothes (shirts never fully buttoned) and wear too much cologne. Pouya's are not nearly as cool as they think they are. They will wear sunglasses regardless of whether the sun is out or not. Hair gel is always in the arsenal of any Pouya. Pouya's can be found in abundance in the Los Angeles area, otherwise known as Tehran-geles. If you see a Pouya in a bar or club, please proceed with extreme caution unless you want to hear a very lame pick up attempt.
Hey, get a load of that Pouya over there.
by NedaHowItIs July 12, 2010

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