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I think Came from Idish(Jewish) also used in parts of fromer soviet union.
Meaning Male genitals, dick,cock, etc.
Ti potz (Means you dick)
by Vitaliy. August 25, 2004
Someone who is doing something very stupid.
Why are you stuffing peanuts up your butt? You are such a potz
by exon September 28, 2007
a worthless drunk whose only concern is drinking and thrashing their body with self induced abuse.
Jason is being a total potz this weekend, he hasn't slept in three days and killed 2 thirty packs
by chris jeansonne June 17, 2008
One who is a true goon. He excels at whatever he puts his mind too and is a great role model, teacher, example, and teammate for those around him. He usually gets a lot of compliments but remains humble and focusing on the task at hand while achieving unthinkable greatness. A Potz has all the makings of a legend.
He gets helmet stickers like Potz.

There goes that Potz mackin on babes.

That kid gets bitches like a Potz.

He scores TD's like a Potz
by ryapoz September 15, 2010
a form of computer in russia.
Vladamir has one mighty powerful potz
by abraham solomon January 15, 2004

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